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We aspire to be India’s largest and most comprehensive online preparation destination for Nursing GOVT competitive exams.


We believe that these exams can make a huge impact in a student's life. We help them prepare actively for these Nursing GOVT exams & test himself better.

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Best Faculty, Best Study Material ,Best Teaching Methodology, Provide high quality study material with detail solution.

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Nursing Test Series is India's largest Nursing government exam preparation destination, loved by millions of aspirants across the country. Through our website and app, we help registered students to prepare actively for Nursing exams & score better.

At our heart lies the belief that people prepare better when they prepare together; by questioning, helping & challenging each other. Hence at the very core of our being lies a community of students & expert mentors. Established in the year 2020, Nursing Test Series belongs to online tes series. We have established & nurtured highly engaging exam-specific communities of students and mentors Nursing Officer government exam like Delhi AIIMS, Jodhpur AIIMS, Patna AIIMS, DSSSB Delhi, PGI Chandigarh, and State level exams RHSU and all related to Nursing exams. The Nursing Test Series community lets users collectively solve each other’s doubts, and interactively learn and compete with each other through quizzes and mock tests. It gives them access to prep material & previous years papers to score better in their exams.

We also appreciate the value of structured preparation, not just the quantity of it but also the approach. It is only by preparing actively everyday & making small but significant headways can one ensure continuous improvement.

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